Bail Bond Reduction

Did You Know an Attorney Can Help Reduce Your Bail Bond?

Scenario: You walk into the courtroom and stand in front of the judge. The judge reads you your charges and asks the prosecuting attorney to state his or her case with respect to your bail. The judge then asks the defense attorney to respond. Who do you want speaking on your behalf? You deserve a seasoned defense attorney with experience in bail bond reduction hearings.

The Sooner an Experienced Defense Attorney is Involved, the Better Your Outcome.

The informal arraignment/ bond hearing might not seem like a big deal. However, the decision made at that moment deeply affects your life. You deserve to have an attorney guide you from the minute you are arrested. By retaining criminal defense attorney Phillip DiLucente before the arraignment, he’ll have the time to learn all he can about your case. Attorney DiLucente can advise you of your rights before you have the chance to say something you might and most likely will regret. He can also help get your bail bond reduced.

What Judges Consider When They Set Bail Bonds.

There are numerous factors that can influence the judge. These include:

  • The seriousness of the charges
  • Your prior criminal history
  • Whether you own a home
  • Prior warrants
  • Employment
  • Family situation
  • How long you have been a resident in the county in which you were charged

Attorney DiLucente cannot alter the past, yet he can help you determine your best game plan for the future. Call 1-877-281-5005 any time of the day or night. Phillip DiLucente takes the time to learn about the cases he defends.

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