Auto Accidents

Five Reasons You Need an Pittsburgh Auto Accident Lawyer

  1. You must protect your legal rights.
    Attorney Jason Tetlow is an experienced Pittsburgh auto accident lawyer. He will personally evaluate your case to protect your legal rights. You must speak with an experienced auto accident attorney shortly after an accident to preserve your claim. An insurance company representative will attempt to contact you and take a recorded statement. You should have an attorney speaking on your behalf directly with the insurance company.

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This includes payment for medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering. Furthermore, you may be entitled to underinsured or uninsured benefits through your own automobile insurance company. Attorney Tetlow will work closely with your automobile insurance company to protect your contractual rights under your policy. There are many issues to consider after a motor vehicle accident. Attorney Tetlow has vast experience in representing people involved in auto accidents. He will protect your legal rights and seek all available compensation you are eligible to receive under the law.

  • You shouldn’t have to pay legal fees unless your case is a success.
    As a Pittsburgh auto accident attorney, Mr. Tetlow works on a contingency fee basis while representing clients involved in motor vehicle collisions. His law firm is only paid if you are successful and receive compensation for your injuries by way of a settlement or award. Attorney Tetlow believes that all people should have equal access to experienced legal counsel.
  • You are entitled to an attorney who specializes.
    Attorney Tetlow specializes in representing individuals who have been harmed by the negligence of others. He works aggressively to make sure you receive the settlement or award you are entitled to under the law. Attorney Tetlow has experience in the following:


  • Collisions
  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Speeding and Reckless Drivers
  • SUV Rollovers
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Drug-Related and Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Vehicle and Trucking Accidents
  • Boat Accidents
  • You need an attorney who’s available.
    Attorney Tetlow’s telephone answers 24/7. If you or your loved one has been involved in a serious accident, call 1-877-281-5005.
  • You deserve a free consultation.
    There is no reason you need to suffer financially because of an accident. There is also no reason for you to go into debt to pay for experienced legal advice. Attorney Tetlow offers a free consultation so you can explain your circumstances and decide if he’s the attorney you choose to represent you.

Hurt in an auto accident? Call Pittsburgh auto accident lawyer Jason Tetlow for your free legal consultation at 1-877-281-5005.